Modelling and simulation Software

WinNonLin®, NONMEM®, and R software are used for the different modelling and simulation projects. All work is performed following Standard Operating Procedures, thus ensuring integrity, traceability and reproducibility within the analysis. Population PK/PD analyses at Kinesis Pharma are conducted using an in-house developed and validated system we call the “Modeling Platform”.

The Modeling Platform is basically a set of scripts connecting different M&S software (NONMEM, R, PSN) and is used for every model development step.

The validated Modeling Platform automatically creates standardized output (i.e. graphs, tables and statistics) and logs every modeling step in a HTML based overview. The benefit of this system is that it increases efficiency and ensures consistent and high quality output for every project. Next to the modeling platform, we have a set of templates for consistent database programming and exploratory analysis, and templates for analysis plans and reports.

"Nowadays Modelling and Simulation is widely applied in all stages of drug development and is an integral part of the regulatory dossier"


Consultants in drug development

Consultant in drug development

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