Herbal Products

Herbal products can enter the European market in various ways, as fully developed medicinal product, as traditional herbal medicinal product or as food supplement. Each route has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of permitted health or medicinal claims, distribution channels, time lines and cost of development. For each route, compliance with a different set of EU regulations is applicable. Kinesis Pharma supports companies in and outside Europe by offering guidance in the possibilities for development and registration pathways. Regardless of the selected route Kinesis Pharma offers a superior range of services for each of the possibilities, tailored towards successful registration of a medicinal product, traditional herbal medicine or as food supplement in the EU.


Contact details

Chongde Luo, M.D., Ph.D. / 罗崇德  博士                   
Director Business Development Asia / Consultant Regulatory Affairs / 
亚洲区开发主管  / 药政法规顾问
Tel: + 31 76 54 80 643
Mob: + 31 6 48 50 42 34


Consultants in drug development

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