Asian cultural bridge in Kinesis Pharma

In Asia, herbal medicines have been used therapeutically for thousands of years. Kinesis understands that herbal medicines have a long tradition based in culture and history and that this differs from the European situation. Despite a number of Asian traditional herbal medicines have gained access to the European market, entry of herbal products to European market still remains a hurdle for many companies based outside Europe. Kinesis can facilitate with typically EU-based regulatory requirements, like import licenses, and temporarily acting as Marketing Authorisation Holder on behalf of the company.

Kinesis consultants know who to contact within the agencies and Kinesis can perform GMP audits to prepare for EU inspections. The experienced team of Asian and European herbal medicinal product consultants with broad experience in the whole process of development and registration of herbal medicinal products is surrounded in-house by a multi-disciplinary team including full development and nutraceutical specialists. The global network, international experiences, competent and multi-disciplinary groups make Kinesis the most suitable partner in the field of herbal products registration in Europe.


Consultants in drug development

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